Chae Son National Park

Jae Sawn National Park is a rich mountainous forest located in the northeast of Lumpang province. It is situated in the districts of Muang Bahn and Jae hom and covers an area of about 592 square km.

The forest and mountains provide an important water source for the surrounding area.

The Park has many interesting features including, waterfalls, caves and its famous hot springs. Along with many species of fauna and flora.

All of this makes Jae Sawn an important place for tourism within Lumpang Province.

Before Jae Sawn became the National Park it was a Forest Park which had two names Eang Nam Oun and Jae Sawn Waterfall The latter naming it after one of the Parks Waterfalls. Ministers approved the promotion of tourism in Lumpang province and the go ahead was given to convert Jae Sawn Waterfall into a National Park.

Preparations were made from May 1986 to December 1987 for the celebration of the Kings 60th birthday at Jae Sawn Waterfall on the 5th December 1987.

The Park was officially surveyed by Royal Forest Department staff soon after this and led to a decision by the board of directors, which in turn led to the Royal Decree that officially turned Jae Sawn into a National Park on 28th July 1988, becoming Thailand's 58th National Park.

Jae Sawn is a mountainous Park comprising of Pee Pan Nam western mountain range which runs on a north south axis. This mountain range forms the border between the provinces of Lumpang and Chiang Mai. The tallest mountain on this range is Doi (Mt.) Langgar the third tallest in Thailand.

Chae Son Hot Spring

Hot Springs: Provide an interesting feature. There are 9 boreholes emiting the hot water from deep in the earth. The area is covered with many small rocks and you will notice the strange smell of sulphur in the air. The water emerges at a temperature of 73 degrees Celsius. Enabling you to boil an egg in it in about 17 minutes, if you so wished.

Doy Lann View Point

Doy Lann View Point you can see beautiful natual and enjoy with camping area.

Enjoy Dok Siew

Dok Siew, Bauhinia tenuiflora Watt ex Clarke of family Caesalpiniaceae, blossoms in February every year in the mountains of Par Miang Village, about 18 kilometers from Jae Son National Park Office. The wild flower decoratively blossoms all over the mountains in which traveler can drive to enjoy its beauty.

Jae Sawn Waterfall

Jae Sawn Waterfall: originationg from Mair Mawn creek it has water flowing all year. It has many pools and comprises of six levels in total. It is located about 1km from the headquarters and can be reached by car or by foot.

Mae Bieg Waterfall

Mae Bieg Waterfall: Another beautiful waterfall, this is located 3km from the Headquarters and can be reached by a Nature Trail. The falls srop 100m over 3 levels.

Mae Koon Waterfall

Mae Koon Waterfall: close to Mae Mawn waterfall, falls over 100 m and flows into the same river as Mae Mawn.

Mae Mawn Waterfall

Mae Mawn Waterfall: is fast flowing with a high fall comprising of many steps. It is 5km from the headquarters by dirt track.

Pha - ngam Cave

Pha - ngam Cave: is located at substation 2 which is 8km from wahng Nua district. Substation 2 in about 60km from the headquarters. In this area there are many caves which tourists can visit, others include; Nam Cave, Mor Cave, Luang Cave and Loug Kae Cave.

The Hot Spring Rooms

The Hot Spring Rooms: comprise of 11 rooms for relaxing in large pools of spring water and 16 rooms for taking a Thai style bath. The rooms are all linked by pipes to the hot spring. Bathing in the water is said to be good for healthy blood flow. You will have to pay to use these rooms.

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