Khao Luang National Park

The Park, located on the southern peninsular of Thailand in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province is Khao Luang National Park. It is named after the tallest mountain in the park which is also the tallest in southern Thailand. The park is mountainous with many tall mountains along this range.

The Park covers an area of 570km encompassing a huge variety of wildlife, including mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls. Providing a place of beauty for visitors to come and experience. This area also provides an important watershed area for the surrounding villages and farms.
Park provides a green roof to southern Thailand and its quality earned it an award in 1999 for being a place of outstanding beauty and nature. Park was officially designated a National Park on the 18th December 1974, becoming the 9th National Park in Thailand. The Headquarters of the Park is 30km from the town of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Mountainous Park is a watershed for the Tapee River. It is located within several districts; Lansaka, Chawang, Phiboon, Plomkiri, Chang Klang and Nop Pi Dam.

Karom Waterfall close to the Headquarters in amphur Lansaka This waterfall has 19 levels but only 7 of these are accessible to visitors.

Phrom Lok Waterfall located in amphur Phrom kiri , follow Highway 4016 for about 18km from Phrom Kiri.Then turn left onto Highway4132 and carry o for a further 4km. to the waterfall. This beautiful waterfall has about 50 levels, 4 of these accessible to visitors.

Ai Khiao Waterfall Ai Khiao or Nai Khiao Waterfall is located on the same route to the Nam Tok Phrom Loke. It's a beautiful waterfall consisting of 100 floors but only 9 floors are opened as a tourism area.

Nam Tok Krung Ching located in Amphur Nop Phi Tam 79km. from the town of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Here there's a Park substation and a 4Km. Nature Trail to the waterfall, which passes through a great diversity of wildife and tree species. There is also a visitor centre and camp ground. The waterfall has many levels but the famous is 'Nan Fon Sen Har' which is featured of the 1000 Baht bank note.

Tha Phae Waterfall this is located 6Km. further along the road from Karom Waterfall and has 10 levels, 3 of which can be easily viewed.

Nam Tok Suan Ai is in Amphur Chawang 60Km. from Nakhon Sri Thammarat.

Geao Suragan Cave this is 3 Km. before the Park Headquarters.

Khao Luang Mountain the tallest mountain in the Park. About 1,835m tall. It is accessible from Khiriwang village. You can walk up to the summit and back on a 3 day (2 nights) trek. It is an enjoyable trip, (although difficult and steep at times) particularly for those with an interest in studying forests and vegetation. Khiriwong village is total 26Km. from Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Follow Highway 4015 for 20Km. before you reach Lansaka take a right turn off the main road, which will take you a further 6Km. to the village.

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