Pa Hin Ngam National Park

Initially, Lan Hin Ngam was known by local villager. However, in 1985 (B.E. 2528), when Thep Sathit District Officer and Thep Sathit District Forest Officer surveyed and discovered of natural rock garden, which was very beautiful. They thought it should be conserved for tourism and recreation. Therefore, they presented document to the Royal Forest Department in order to set a national park. On the 10th October 1986 (B.E. 2529) this area was declared as Pa Hin Ngam Forest Park, with the area of 10km2.
In 1993 (B.E. 2536), the Royal Forest Department surveyed the area near by and found that 80km2 of surrounding forest is still fertilizing. Therefore, due to its fertile forest and fascinating features, this Forest Park was designated a national park on the 19th September 1994 (B.E. 2537).

The area consists of mountain range which has mountains, such as Pung Haui Mountain, about 200-800 meters above sea level. In geology class, the area divides into Phupan Rock, Prawihan Rock and Phu Kradaung Rock which are the rock, about 180-230 million years ago, of Jurassic and Triassic era. Also, the area is the source of water of She River's area and Sonthi River which empty into Parsak River.

Kra Jeaw Field

Kra Jeaw or curcuma is local annual plant, which found normally from Lan Hin Ngam to Sud Paen Din Viewpoint. (About 1km.) The viola pink curcuma will bloom at the beginning of rainy-from June to August.

Lan Hin Ngam or The Hin Ngam Area

the strange shape rocks in the area of 0.016km2. The fascinated rock garden located in the west of the headquarter and can access by car.

Sud Paen Din Viewpoint

is steep cliff at the peak of Pung Hoei Mountain, which is formed by the rising of the earth face. The plain is connecting zone between the centrality and Esarn region, therefore, it is called 'Sud Paen Din'. At this point, about 2km. from the Park Headquarters, we can see panoramically of Pung Hoei Mountain and conservative forest of Sub Lung Ka Wildlife Sanctuary.

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