Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park

Phujong - Nayoi National Park located in Boon Trick District, Najahlauy District and Num Yuen District, Ubon Rachathani Province. The area is close to Lao People's Democratic Republic and Kingdom of Cambodia. It is a part of Phanom Dongruk Mountain Range which consists of many big and small mountains such as Phujong Nayoy, Phujong Numsub, Phujong, Phuchun Dang, Phu Plansung and Phu Planyao. There is productive forest inhabited by a great number of animals. The area has naturally beautiful sceneries, and is about 686 squars kilometers or 428,750 Rai. Most of the area is mountain range, the source of main rivers of Ubon Ratchathani Province, which consists of montane forest, semi-evergreen forest, mixed forest and deciduous forest so that makes it be productive area and crowded with trees. Soil on the plain of the hill is laterite mixed with limestone. And there also are many different shapes of rocky plains and cliffs such as Pha Paung.


Bugtaew Waterfall or Huai Luang Waterfall

The waterfall, is a quite big waterfall, has water fall down about 40 meters from a pond on high cliff, divides into three levels, and has natural side walk up and down for conveniently enjoying scenery and playing water at a pond below.

Pa Piew View Point

The view point in Pha Paung Cliff locates next from Plan Yao to the southwest. Traveler can enjoy seeing beautiful sceneries along the border between Lao People's Democratic Republic and Kingdom of Cambodia. The cliff has many small caves, beautiful rock, and big beehive waiting for traveler.

Pran Yao Rock Garden

Plan Yao Rock Garden has many wonderful groups of rocks grouping beautifully in large area. It is a main place for recreation of Phujong - Nayoi Forest.

Tar Luam Cliff

Tar Luam Cliff locates near the adge of Phu Wang Yao. There is a water spring at the foot of the cliff which has water all year round.

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