Phu Ruea National Park

Located in Loei, one of the coolest provinces of Thailand. It is rugged mountain range and also the headwater of many rivers of Loei. Phu Reua is the highest peak of 1,365m above sea level. At the top, it is viewpoint that you can panoramically see Hueang and Khong Rivers.More than half of the top of Phu Reua is covered with low shrubbery, grasslands and strangely formed rock formations. Due to the cool climate the area is rich in orchid species which flower throughout the year. Pha Lon Noi is good point to see the sun rise.

It is a high mountain comprised of sandy and granite. The highest peak is Phuruea. It is 1,365 meters high from the sea level. The other important peaks are Phusun, which is 1,035 meters high from the sea level, and Phuku, which is 1,000 meters high from the sea level. It is the water source of many creeks and rivers such as Huai Nam Dan, Huai Bong, Huai Kiangna, Huai Saikhao, Huai Tio, and Huay Phai which is the source of Huai Phai waterfall.

Huaiphai Waterfall

the high waterfall of 30 meters, providing an important source of irrigation water to Amphoe Phuruea. It is situated 2km from the Park Headquarters.

Pha Lonnoi

About 3km from the Park Headquarters with a viewpoint of sunrise and panoramic view of Phuluang, Phu Khrang.

Pha Sam Tong or Pha of "white-rose"

the site is the high that providing watershed area. The name is derived from its gold-colored of Lichen. It is situated about 2.5km from the Park Headquarters.

Phuruea Viewpoint

it is the highest peak with 1,365 meters above mean sea level. The high cliff poing is enable the visitors seeing the beautiful views and looking at Hueang River and Khong River in pleasant weather condition.

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