Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park

Covers the triple border junction of Mukdaharn, Yasothon, and Ubon Ratchathani provinces in Northeastern Thailand. The Park area is covered by a dense forest community which was utilized as a shelter for communist insurgents about three decades ago. Phu Kra Sa, with its 490m summit, possesses the Park's highest point. The Park contains several recreational spots, for example, Phu Sa Dok Bua Hill with its 423m point, patches of bare rocky floor, and dwarf dry dipterocarp woodlands.

Mostly of the area is mountains lying from the northwest to the southeast. There are many kinds of plants and stone fields where local people called "Dan" surrounding the peak. Phu Krasa is the highest peak and high 481 meters above the sea level. Other peaks are high about 350-450 meters. This area is the water sources of many creks such as Huai Thom, Huai Ka Bok, Huai Kan Lueang, Huai Lam Klang, Huai Khi Lek, Huai Hin-Khua, Huai Tup, and Huai Hai.

Phu Pha Taem

It appears the prehistorical hand-prints and coloured-painting created at the height about 7-12 meters above the cave-wall.

Pha Makluea Cliff

It is the place that local people will put together in the hot season, Songkran Festival and Buddhist holidays to conduct their religious festivals.

Phu Pha Hom

It is the west panoramic viewpoint facing many peaks such as: Phu Mu, Phu Phangma, Phu Mai Sang, Phu Khong, Phu Akkarachat.

Phu Pha Taek

Phu Pha Teak or "Nern 420". It is the viewpoint to see the beautiful natural condition and enable visitors to view Mukdahan National Park from its north side.

Phu Sa Dok Bua

The mountain with 423m high seatter over the border of three provinces. At its peaks there are five to six ponds natural, containging many blooming colorful lotus that well known in the name of "Phu Sa Dok Bua".

Stone fields and Bonsai Shorea Trees

The stone field is found in some area covered 20-40 rai including Bonsai Shorea Trees. It is very beautiful.

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