Phu Wiang National Park

Phu wiang is a name of a mountain and Amphur in Khorn Kean. Royal Forest Department declared this national park on December 8,1991, becoming 71th national park of Thailand, covers an area of 325 km2 Dinosaurs' skeletons and steps are found in this park. Beside this, human sheletons, Iron equipment, the sleep Lord Bhuddha in Thawarawadee Period and also point in before history. The topography on the mountain is a big hold of a volcano peak, which covered by dipteracarp and dry evergreen forest.

Most of this area is a highland as well as a valley like a volcano. It is surrounded by two ring shaped mountains. Some area is a steep cliff, and can see a very beautiful view from the peak.

Buddha Siyat

the sleeping image of Buddha crafting on a Clift.

Dinosaurs skeleton

in 1976, found a knee bone of Sousoford. It is the 1st time founding Dinosaur skeleton of Thailand. After that, there is some discovery of Dinosaur skeleton.

Rong Nam Chan Tideway

It is a tideway on Phu Wieng. It has water a whole year. There is a big hermit sculpture. It is far from Chumpae-Khon Kaen Road about 13 kilometers.

Tham Fa Mue Dang

a big sand stone, which has 7 big hands print and 2 small print.

Tham Kon Non

close to Tabpayasua Waterfall. There are line, x line and det painting by red colur on a sand stone.

Hin lad Kok Klum

A big stone field with groups of strange shape stone, some shape like animals. There are also beautiful wild orchid. From this point, we can see the villages and Phu Wiang.

Hua Phu Chon Reservoir

is medium size with beautiful scenery.

Kukati Field

It is a very wide field on the mountains, connoted between Chumpae and Phu Wieng district. There are 2,000 rai, besides can see Chumpae District and very beautiful view from there. There are water sources as well as it is far from Ban Non-saard about 6 kilometers.

Lad Champa Waterfall

closes to Huaphuchan reservoir. It is 20m high.

Tab Payasua Waterfall

the 1st level of waterfall in smaller that the 2nd level.

Tard Klang Waterfall

It is located in Nai-muang Sub-District, Phu Wieng Khon Kaen. It is a big waterfall nearby Ban Koksoong. There are Dinosaurs' footprints from Hin Lard Pahchart to Tung Yai Sao Aram about 4 kilometers.

Tat Fha Waterfall

is the big size waterfall with 25m high. The park provide campsite in surrounding area.

Tungyai Sao-a-ram

a wide grassland cover by wild flowers. It is also wildlife habitats.

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