Pu Toei National Park

Pu Teoi National Park, in Ongpra Forest, Purakam Forest and Khaohuayplue Forest, Nogpra Sub-district, Huaikamin Sub-district, Nikomgraseaw Sub-district, Wangyao Sub-district, and Danchang District, consists of complicated and erected mountain range. Its highest peak is "Tewada Mountain Peak" with 1,123 meters above sea level. The area is the source of rivers and has naturally Pinus merkusii Jungh Forest which is beautiful and suitable for recreation. It is 317.47 squares kilometers (about 198,422 Rais) and has been declared a national park since September 30, 1987.

Pu Teoi National Park consists of complicated and erected mountain range. The forest in this area is the source of streams such as Leklai Stream, Ongkode Stream, Ongpra Stream, Taduia Stream, and Khamin Stream. And the water in all the strerams flows to Kraseao Dam in Danchang District, Suphanburi Province.

Naki Meenoi Hoyraya and Paryai Cave

Locating near Pu Teoi National Park Office and 30 kilometers from Danchang District, the cave has naturally beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. The cave is in Tuti Mountain which has plenty of Dracaena loureiri Gagnep and Lecithidaceae, and been the habitat of wild animals such as bear, king cobra, porcupine, wolf, wild boar, and a number of bats.

Paryai (Big Cliff)

About two kilometers from Pu Teoi National Park Office, Paryai is a high cliff of Tuti Mountain. The mountain also has Yoyraya Cave inside and in the cave have beautiful stalagmites and stalactites glittering on sunlight. Walking to the cave is not easy; travelers have to clamber the hillside for some times.

Pine Forest (Pinus merkusii Jungh Forest)

Walking about seven kilometers from Parkhid Village and Putoey National Park Office, and passing the Lauda Shrine-a shrine in a commemoration of historic Lauda Air-Bus crashed in May 26, 1991 with 223 passengers, there is Pine Forest (Pinus merkusii Jungh Forest) which has 1,376 of 200-300-year-old, and three-five-meter-circumference Pinus merkusii Jungh Trees. The area is panoramic scenery, looks like a sea of mountains, and has cold wind blow all the time. These are suitable for traveler to enjoy hiking and seeing beautiful floras.

Pookarting Waterfall

Pookarting Waterfall located in Klongleklai Village and near Wanghora Village. On a laterite road from Danchang District to Pookarting Waterfall, and near Lamtapern Reservoir-it was built in accordance with HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej's wish, has the Forest Protection 2nd Office (Pookarting) of Pu Teoi National Park Administration ready to provide the convenience and safety for traveler.

Tafernkli Waterfall

Using a road from Tungmakok Village to Parpark Village, passing Phukrating Waterfall and turning left to Tafernkli Village, there is an unarmed and old Karen Village, close to Huaikhakang Wildlife Conservation. Not far from the village is Tafernkli Waterfall which is very beautiful, and has water flow all year round. Looking from the waterfall, traveler can see Tewada Peak 1,123 meters above sea level. The waterfall has been in charge of the important-traveling-place promotion of Suphanburi Province.

Tard Yai Waterfall

At the junction of Lauda Shrine, going on foot to the opposite side of Pine Forest, in the productive forest full of trees and wild animals, along a stream to Kokchiang Village, Huaikamin Sub-district, Danchang District, Suphanburi Province for four kilometers, there is Tard Waterfall (Tard Yai Waterfall) which is a very peaceful place, and covered by moss and fern everywhere and so on the root of trees. The waterfall consists of many levels, each of which is not deep so that traveler can enjoy playing water safely.

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