Thailand shopping - OTOP project
(One Tambon One Product)

"One Tambon, One Product" means pride, our and yours, in the skills and traditions of Thai people.

The One Tambon (sub-disctrict) One Product (OTOP) project was initiated by the present government. It is hoped that revenue earned by communities would further increase if support is given on a sustainable basis.

The objective of OTOP project is aimed to allow people living in communities to use their skills in manufacturing products while the goverment and the private sector would render assistance on developing the products and exploring the markets in order to create jobs, income and strengthening the communities.

Thai skills weave tradition into a fine and beautiful collection of products, using an array of unique local materials. Presenting applied ingenuity as well as reflecting an ancient heritage and local inspiration. Unique raw materials are crafted into products that perfectly suit modern lifestyles. Every product is designed to capture and sustain attention. The most impressive aspects of all, these items are manufactured to be the best quality products that meet international standards while preserving Thai heritage.

More than 10000 items are now produced and developed under the OTOP project of which approximately 460 items have been initially selected as outstanding products with fine quality.

In central Thailand, resourveful folk spend free time, using their hands and hearts in making products by utilizing local water hyacinth fiber, flax, forest vines, bamboo, palm leaves and reeds.

In the north, the cloud-misted mountains provide resources for many carved wood products.Local culture has made a fine art of hand-woven cloth or silver, especially from the hill tribes. Hand-made designed papers are among the amazing array of products made from natural resources.

In the sun-blessed southern peninsula, tropical seas, jade mountains and estuaries nurture an abundant array of coconut, rubber trees and other raw material that enhances the production of local craft products, from artificial flowers to personal accessories and household items. Unique woven creations are made with local bulrushes, pandanus, lipao and others.


In the arid northern plains, villagers weave clothes during the dry summer and the rainy season. Local clay deposits are used as raw materials for the popular Dan Gwian pottery in Nakhon Ratchasima province.


OTOP products:
- Hand-woven products
- Wooden products
- Pottery and ceramics
- Artificial flowers
- Frangrant soaps and candles
- Fabrics
- Elegant paper from pulp, pineapple and other fibres
- Coconut shell and palm products
- Miscellaneoue
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