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Azure allure

The islands off Trang promise some of the most stunning holiday experiences. Unfortunately, some people may not have discovered the beauty of Ko Rok, the outermost island, and its neighbouring islets. Ko Rok, an island of Lanta National Park, has slipped through many tourist's itineraries as it is not on the Phuket or Krabi routes. Unless travellers make their way to Lanta island or use Trang as a base, Ko Rok is a paradise, three hours by boat from Pak Meng Pier in Trang.
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Royal retreat

Ko Sichang became a familiar name only after King Rama V visited the island over a century ago, although his predecessor King Mongkut (Rama IV) had arrived there earlier. Rama V or King Chulalongkorn noticed that island's residents were strong people who lived to old age. He liked the climate there believing it was conducive for health.
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Go south

It has neither white sandy beaches nor colourful coral reef, however, Ko Sukorn, a small but cute island off mainland Trang is more charming than many other touristy places.
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Blessing in disguise

I couldn't help feeling a sense of de{aac}ja vu walking through the picturesque fishing village of Ko Taen, a small island just south of Ko Samui. Once it was home to a prosperous self-governed fishing community with its own school, today it is a tiny reserve attracting nature enthusiasts.
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Laoliang islands beg visiting

Before the end of tourist season on the western coast of Thailand, Laoliang islands off Trang can be a perfect holiday given the pristine beaches packed with throbbing activities.
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Weekend on Ko Chang

Before rainy season arrives, Ko Chang, off the eastern province of Trat in the Gulf of Thailand, is an island I chose to visit recently. It is quite a long way from Bangkok for a weekend trip but having settled for a tight schedule I watched from my ferry with a sense of anticipation as the majestic view of the island appeared in sight.
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Samui's sister island begs for attention

Ko Taen in Surat Thani was recently declared an environmental friendly island. Ko Taen is three kilometres south of the more famous Samui Island and it is being touted as a new tourist attraction.
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Reinventing Tarutao

The island of Tarutao, Thailand's first marine park, is an hour's ride by speed boat or 22 kilometres from Pak Bara pier in Satun. Rising majestically in the Andaman Sea, the park covers an area of 1,490 square kilometres and has 51 smaller islands in its neighbourhood.
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Full moon party ban opposed

Tourism business operators and residents on Surat Thani's Koh Phangan are opposing Interior Minister ACM Kongsak Wantana's plan to ban the island's infamous full moon party.
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Ko Mun Nork: Paradise a stone's throw away

As Friday beckons, the minds of many a desk-chained Bangkokian wanders to where one might escape for some relaxation and rejuvenation... Ko Si Chang _ too close; Ko Samet _ been there, done that; Ko Chang _ just that bit too far away; Ko Kut _ way too farflung. So what's one to do with a free weekend and a desire for a bit of sand, sea and socialising? What about Ko Mun Nork?
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Samui's quieter side

Bophut has somehow escaped problems that plague other beaches.
Most of Samui island, the tourist-hub of Surat Thani province, is packed with modern shops, bars, and luxurious resorts, but on its northern tip still exists a fishing community that retains much of its old lifestyle where tourists can get a glimpse of the fast vanishing Samui of yore.
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