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A bird's eye view

You forget just how lush and green this country is until you fly over it. From the thick dense jungle of the mountains to the rice paddies and banana plantations of the valleys, the landscape is a wonderland of marvellous scenery and natural beauty. It's really no surprise that some folks prefer to take an airplane than to sit in traffic: you don't have to brake and dodge weaving tuk-tuks and motorbikes, nor face-off against thunderous trucks careening towards you on the highway when you're flying in the sky.
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Close encounters

The Khao Khieo Open Zoo in Chon Buri, just a two-hour drive from Bangkok, seems a nice entertainment for children, although adults can join in the fun too, because there is also action after dark, and unlike the Night Safari in Chiang Mai here they can hand-feed the animals and feel their breathing which is sure to set their hearts racing.
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Taming the rapids

Rafting from Pai to Mae Hong Son is a challenging and eventful excursion not meant for the faint-hearted
From Pai to Mae Hong Son by raft is an interesting choice for those who feel sick in the stomach negotiating road curves up and down mountain slopes. Rafting the 70-km stretch of the Pai River takes two days but it is worth the challenge and fun.
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Retracing the route of the royal barge procession

Royal barges taking part in the recent Chao Phraya River spectacular to salute 60 years of His Majesty's accession to the throne generated tremendous public interest. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is now offering the interested public a chance to retrace the route of the boat procession held on June 12 and view the royal barges on parade on that historic occasion.
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The pony whisperer

The plight of a depleting pony population in northeastern Thailand coaxed Chuchat Warapreedee into starting the first Native Pony Club in Ubon Ratchathani's Khong Chiam district over a decade ago.
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Getting physical in Kanchanaburi

Adventure racing is a new, fast growing sport that integrates physical fitness, mental endurance and teamwork. Such events are frequently organised in picturesque tourist settings. Instead of sightseeing or relaxing, tourists today can indulge in more exciting activities.
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Rafting the Mae Tuen

Like a snake, the Mae Tuen River runs through one of the most remote areas of the North passing valleys, rice paddies and colourful deciduous forest between Omkoi District of Chiang Mai and the Bhumibol Dam in Sam Ngao District in Tak.
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Bikers in leukemia and tsunami fund-raiser

Mr Byrd operates Tour de Asia Bicycle. He is inviting bikers to join a charity tour, "Sangsom Tour de Thailand 2005", his company is putting together December 2-26 from Chiang Mai to Phuket, a distance of 2,000 kilometres, to raise funds for Max Foundation for leukemia patients, and the North Andaman Tsunami Relief, a trust set up to assist families devastated by the killer wave.
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Dancing with danger

Discretion, they say, is the better part of valour, but to this bunch of rafters the thrills and spills of the Nam Wa proved too strong to resist.
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Rafting the Nam Khek

Every monsoon season, the Nam Khek stream in Phitsanulok and the rolling hills of neighbouring Phetchabun turn vibrant, inviting adventure buffs to come and test their skills against swollen rapids and experience the remote wilderness of an area that not until long ago was off-limit to tourists.
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Boat racing in Ayutthaya

The 18th International Swan Boat Race will be held at Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts & Crafts Centre, Ayutthaya, from September 10-11. The races are divided into 22-, 30- and 55-men categories. Entry is free.
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200 sailors for regatta in Hua Hin

More than 200 sailors will test their mettle in the Hua Hin Regatta, where an estimated 70 boats will take to the seas off the Hua Hin Naval Yacht Club from August 5-7, making it the second-biggest sailing regatta in Thailand after the Phuket King's Cup.Also starting tomorrow will be Phuket Raceweek, with more than 30 boats entered in only the second year of the event.
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Taming the rapids in Phitsanulok

The rafting season kicks off in Phitsanulok with the "Taste Kaeng Song Coffee and Raft on Nam Khek Stream Festival" during July 1-11.
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Exploring Thailand on wheels

Bike & Travel is organising a 65-day 6,500-kilometre "bicycling for health" tour covering 39 provinces during September to December.
Participants will be pedalling about 120 kilometres a day during the tour split into two legs; the first lasting 44 days from September 24-November 6, and the second 21 days from November 21-December 11.
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Monsoon rains herald the beginning of the rafting season

With rains arrive the rafting season. It's that time of the year when nature lovers can travel to places not accessible at other times of the year _ by foot or motorised transport _ because they can only be reached by rafts or canoes.
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