Thailand Events

TAT Tennis Invitational
January 2, Outdoor tennis court at th
e 700th Anniversary Chiang Mai Sport Complex, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok Fringe Festival
Dec 11 2004 - Jan 02, at Patravadi Theatre, Bangkok (on weekends only)

The Bangkok Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival initiated by Patravadi Mejhudhon - stage performer, screenwriter, theatre director and producer and an internationally acclaimed national artist.

Bo Sang Umbrella Fair and San Kamphaeng Handicraft
21-23 January, San Kamphaeng Distric, Chiang Mai

A colorful festival featuring contests, cultural performances, stalls selling traditional paper umbrellas and handicrafts line the main street of Bo Sang. The fair celebrates traditional artistry.

The Commemoration of Don Chedi and Red Cross Fair
23 January - 1 February, Borom Rachanuson Don Chedi compound, Suphan Buri.

Watch hand to hand combat on elephants' backs amidst light & sound pyritechnics in remembrance of brave warriors in the past, as well as Thai cultural shows. Check out Red Cross stores, civil service exhibitions, many street stalls and myriad entertainment activities.

Khon Kaen International Marathon
23 Jan, Golden Jubilee Convention Hall, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen Province

The newest addition of international Marathons will be held for the second time in Khon Kaen, the capital of North Eastern Thailand.

Wimaya Nattakan Mini Light and Sound Presentation
29 January, 26 February, 26 March and 30 April, Phimai Historical Park, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Along with a Khmer archtecture tour within the Phimai Historical Park, once used as an outpost of the Khmer empire, you will be fascinated with the "Wimaya Nattakan" light and sound presentation recounting the past glories of Phimai and the Khmer culture and experience some local cuisine, entertainment, and spectacular performances.

Bun Boek Fa and Red Cross Fair
3-12 February, In front of Mueang Districk Office, Maha Sarakham

The event is held at the provinciall hall to revive and preserve I-San's cultural heritage. The fair features the Bun Boek Fa procession. In addition, folk plays, local music, and various rituals are performed.

Annual Ocean to Ocean Relay
13 February, Songkhla - Satun

The Annual Ocean to Ocean Relay will lead from the Gulf of Thailand at Songkhla to the Andaman Sea at Satun.

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony
February 15 -17, Trang

From 15 to 17 February, diver lovers from around the world are invited to declare their love under the turquoise sea in the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony.

"King Narai Fair" the Great Fair.
February 16 - 20, Phra Narai Ratchanivet Palace, Lop Buri

The historic city of Lop Buri enjoyed tremendous prosperity for over 3,000 years and rose to its height of civilization during the reign of King Narai the Great, one of the great kings of Ayutthaya who made Lop Buri the second capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

King Narai the Great Fair is held every February to commemorate the substantial relationship between Lop Buri and the nation. The fair features various activities: light and sound presentation, demonstration of old style Thai life, the Wang Narai Bazaar, folk plays for Thai children, local entertainment, shops and stalls.

Ecipse Restage: A contemporary rhythm moving across the face of traditional Thai drumming and dance
February 19 - May 29, Patravadi Theatre, Bangkok

Everything moves in circles and cycles - we find them in nature, in science, in life, in the philosophy of Buddhism.

Pong Lang Phraewa and Red Cross Extravaganza
26 February - 6 March, The Lawn in front of Kalasin City Hall, Kalasin.

The Pong Lang dance style involves a troupe of performers playing an assortment of instruments while one or two of the players dance. The performance includes a couple of chest-high drums that are placed on the ground and played by the main dancer during the dance.

Homage to Phraya Chaisunthorn, the founder of Kalasin, cultural procession, Pong Lang Competition, Miss Phraeva competition, private and public sector exhibitions, agricultural show, special dinners, Kalasin Red Cross, and Phraewa sales centre are featured.

Bun Phawet Fair
4-6 March, Somdet Phra Si Nakkharin Park, Roi Et.

This fair is a Buddhist merit-making ceremony and activities include a sermon by monks, a procession, and cultural performances.

Annual Asian Barred Ground Dove Cooing Competition
4-6 March, Khwan Mueang Park, Yala

In this event, you will witness the Chawa's Dove Cooing Competition and Yala Monster Food Festivals. It also featured the fights between oxes, cocks, sheep and fish. Visit booths selling bird-rearing equipment and local products while taking in the fabulous battle of the seedling.

Thao Thepkrasatrri and Thao Sisunthon Fair
12-17 March, The Two Heroines Monument, Phuket

Thao Thepkrasatrri and Thao Sisunthon Fair is held to commemorate the two great heroines who rallied the Thalang people to repel Burmese invaders. Many activities and celebrations are organised.

Bang Chiang World Heritage Fair
16-19 March, Udon Thani

Visit this world heritage site and get a new perspective on history and archeology. Be the guest of different villages and taste a variety of deserts at their houses.

Mekong River International Multisports Championship
23 - 27 March, Mekong River, Nakhon Phatom

Join in the triathlon (swimming, cycling and running). Partake in the organised trip to Indochina (Thailand, Laos and Vietnam) and enjoy beautifil cultural shows and dinner along the bank of the Mekong River.

Samila Asian Tour and Beach Volleyball Competition
14 - 16 April, Hat Yai, Songkhla

Enjoy the International Beach Volleyball Tournament featuring teams from all over Asia, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, etc.

Fruit Day in Chanthaburi
May - June, Chanthaburi Central Sports Stadium, Fruit Markets and Orchards throughout Chanthaburi

Sales fair by community housewives and One Tumbon One Product (OTOP), fruit-decorated floats, best fruit produce, and modified fruit product contests, and shows of Chanthaburi's world-renowned gems. Visitors are invited to purchase high-quality ornaments and gems. Visiting to orchards will get you a handful of of fresh fruits.

Rayong Fruit Fair
May - June, Central Agricultural Market, Fruit Market and Orchards throughout Rayong

Featuring a beauty pageant, fruit decorative floats contest, best fruit produce and modified fruit product contests, sales fair by community housewives, One Tumbon One Product (OTOP), local food and fresh fruits.

Buffet for Elephants and Miss Jumbo Queen Contest
1 May, Elephant show platform at the Sam Phran Crocodile Farm, Nakhon Pathom

Witness the beauty contest for large woman, elephant, local cultural performances, a buffet replete with various fruits, and a chance to purchase OTOP products.

Phrathat Si Song Rak Homage Fair
2 - 5 May, Loei

The beginning of Phrathat ( Lord Buddha's relics ) Veneration Ceremony with Lord Khuan, Mrs. Tiem Saen and Mrs. Taeng preparing propitiation sets which include one big banana leaf receptacle (Krathong) and eight small ones. The ceremony must be finished before the monks' midday meal by floating the big receptacle on water and putting the small ones around the temple. After that, the public will bring scented water in a basin to douse a baquet before sprinkling it against the relics. Males are allowed inside the parapet enclosing the relics with Lord Kuan as the Ablutions Head. Females led by Mrs. Tiem will perform the ablutions only around the outside.

Thailand Grand Sales
1 June - 31 July, Departments Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions nationwide.

If your hobby is shopping, you have to visit the country from June 1 to July 31. During the sale there are goods from all over the world from renowned brand names of clothing and accessories to new collections of Thai handicrafts for home decorations. Products made of Thai silk will also be on sale. Moreover, the beautiful folk-designed and hand-woven fabric can fill your heart with joy. Sport equipment, sportswear and electrical appliances are all reasonable prices too. Goods are offered at special discounts of up to 50% and promotional offers being extended by participating department stores and retail outlets along designated 'Shopping Streets' in Bangkok and the popular tourist destinations of Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai and Songkhla.
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Pattaya International Marathon
17 July, Pattaya, Chon Buri

Come to our beautiful seaside city of Pattaya and take part in one of the three types of marathon: marathon, half marathon, and quarter-marathon.
It is a time for those of you who want to challenge yourself with the ultimate test of fitness and endurance. Put on your running ahoes and run with some of the world's most famoust seasoned athletes.

Tak Bat Dok Mai "The Flower of Buddhist Lent"
31 July - 1 August, Wat Phra Phutthabat, Saraburi

Devotees offer flowers and incense to a procession of monks who then ascend to the "Shrine of the Holy Footprint" to pay homage at the start of the Buddhist rains retreat.

Songkhla International Marathon
28 August, Mueang District, Songkhla

Held in the Southern province of Songkhla, if you would like to take part in running, you are invited to join in one of the five types of runs: marathon, mini-marathon, mini-half marathon, wheel-chair marathon and jogging for health.

Pick on your running shoes and participate along with some veteran athletes who look forward to this event. Challenge yourself in this ultimate test of fitness and endurance.

The King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament
5 - 11 September, At Somdet Phra Suriyothai Military camp, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Infantry Division # 16

If you take a trip to Thailand, don't miss a chance to watch the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. It is a rare treat to see polo being played on the backs of elephants. At the tournament, international teams play against our Thai teams. You will also witness the elephant parade as well as the elephant's concert and a chance to see how elephants can do some paintings.

Uttaradit Langsat Fair
11 - 19 September, In front of Phraya Pichai Dab Hak Stadium, Uttaradit.

Langsat is a local fruit celebrated at this typical provincial fair. The fair features live entertainment and products made by the people of Lap lae, a village noted for its handicraft.

Traditional Long Boat Races
29 - 30 October, In front of Wat Phra Si Rattanamahathat, Nan

These exciting races are usually held in October when the Nan River is full. During the festival, robes are placed over a special Buddha image, and there are colourful boat processions.

Lop Buri Sunflower Fair
November - December, Lop Buri

The Lop Buri Sunflower Fair is held around November to December every year when sunflowers are in full bloom. Lop Buri currently has thousands of sunflower fields. Before harvesting, the yellow flowers can be seen blossoming in every inch. The fair includes a parade of florid floates, sunflower products on sale and rallies.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon
November, Laguna Phuket at Bangtao Beach, Phuket

This gruelling triathlon, a 1.8km swim, 55km cycle, and 12km Marathon was first held in 1994, receiving international media coverage. Now it is held every year and athletes from here and abroad come to compete.

River Kwai Bridge Fair
24 November - 7 December, In the compound of River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi

Watch a show in remembrance of the World War II and exhibitions organised by both public and private sectors plus a caravan of goods and amusements. There will be sales of OTOP products and other entertainment shows.

Chinese Banquet for Monkeys Fair
27 November, At Phra Prang Sam Yot, Lop Buri

This funny and hugely popular event takes place on the last Sunday of November at Phra Prang Sam Yot where hundreds of monkeys live. Tourists who come to Pay homage at the shrine usually leave food and fruits for the monkeys, which are now quite tame and accustomed to beaing near people. The highlight is the sumptuous and beautifil decorated Chinese banquetset up for monkeys.

Khon Kaen's Silk Fair, Phuk Siao and Red Cross Fair
29 November - 10 December, The Lawn in front of Khon Kaen City Hall, Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen in one of the country's main silk producing areas. In addition to silk products being displayed, the fair has processions and a variety of cultural attractions. The fair also includes the traditional Phuk Sia (Friendship-making) ritual.

Phuket King's Cup Regatta
December, Kata Beach, Phuket

After the first regatta was launched in 1987 to celebrate His Majesty the King's 60th birthday, the King's Cup Regatta has been held annually and featured many international participants.

See for yourself how these yachting people compete from Phuket to Phang-nga before, moving on to Krabi on the Andaman sea, where the enchanting scenic beauty will take your breath away. This is the biggest and most impressive regatta in Asia.

Illuminated Christmas Cribs Processions
December, Sakon Nakhon

The procession starts from the civil service office (Sukkasem Road) heading towards Saint Joseph's school, Sakon Nakhon (The Archdiocese of Tha Rae-Nong Saeng).

Watch the procession of more than 200 floats adorned with polychromatic bulbs depicting the birth of Jesus and his biography, on-stage shows, and the worship of Roman Catholics.

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